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A new culture

As Creatiful Minds, we create a unique culture.

For the next 5 years, we will look for people who can be in this culture.

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Our Manifesto

Companies do not primarily care about the people within them.

They are more concerned with their income, profit rates, number of sales and number of users.

People do not feel satisfied and completely happy in companies.

They work to rent their time in exchange for money.

And they actually do things they don't really like...

With people they don't like enough.


From another perspective,

​ ​

Communities care a lot about their people.

People are happy in their communities without the expectation of money.

Because they are volunteers, they do the duties they truly love...

And with the people they love!

But being in the community doesn't make them any money, so they also have to work for a company.

​ ​


Can a happy community become a company?

Also in the opposite way:

Can a company have a happy community?

​ ​

When we combine these two questions and look for a common answer,


Here, Creatiful Minds is.

​ ​

At Creatiful Minds, we believe in 3 things:

1-Genius people who can do great things and have a great potential.

2-That these people can increase their wealth by doing what they truly love.

3-That they can do this with people they truly love.

​ ​

You don't need to postpone the things you really want to do for 1-5-10 years.

We explained in the presentation how we did what we told.

We look forward to meeting you!


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